Outfit Post #50: Celebrate!

When I found out I was headed to a tropical locale for my recent holiday, this dress seemed like the perfect addition to my wardrobe. It inspired a lot of my fashion choices while there, including my jewelry and even my toenail polish color!

Dress - Ricki's Shoes - Payless Sunglasses - Michael Kors

Dress – Ricki’s
Shoes – Payless
Sunglasses – Michael Kors


2 thoughts on “Outfit Post #50: Celebrate!

  1. May, you seem to buy products that are modest on the affordability scale & mix them up with more high end couture purchases.
    Like the Peachy, White & Red tones ….very easy on the eyes.

    • Thanks Anne. Yep, if I can get what I’m looking for super cheap, I’m all about it! But, if I see something more pricey that I love and I feel like it’s splurge worthy, than I’m not opposed to that either 🙂 I’m never about needing the right brands – it’s all about creating a look and having fun with it.

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