Outfit Post #76: The Cold Shoulder

Cold shoulder and off-the-shoulder tops and dresses are very trendy right now. I have to say, I find the off-the-shoulder style kind of uncomfortable because you have to keep pulling down the shoulders. That said, I’ve only really tried one top, so I should probably do more research before drawing any conclusions. I find the cold shoulder style more comfortable and really like this top.

Top – Michel Studio via Addition Elle (I think)
Pants – Ricki’s
Shoes – Marks and Spencer
Bag – Michael Kors

8 thoughts on “Outfit Post #76: The Cold Shoulder

    • Thanks Judee! Yes, the pulling down the shoulders is maddening! It’s much more comfortable with the “cold shoulder” style.

  1. I’m with you on not liking off-the-shoulder. I’m not lucky in the chest area like you – I’m small busted so need to wear a bra to give the girls a little oomph. That means having to wear a strapless bra with my one off-the-shoulder dress, so in addition to pulling the shoulders down I’m also always pulling the bra up. I love the dress, but it’s not the most comfortable. I’ve got a couple of cold shoulder outfits I can still wear a normal bra with so they tend to be my go to tops this summer.

    The other look I’ve seen this summer is tanks with halter bras that have multiple straps or lace in a color coordinated with or contrasting with the tank. Instead of trying to hide the bra straps under the tank this look just goes for it and makes the straps part of the look. Have you gone for that look yet?

    • I haven’t got any tank tops like that, but I’m intrigued. I will definitely keep my eye out for them. I love a halter neckline, so being able wear one with a regular bra would be great!

  2. Would you wear this top in a professional office setting? I’ve seen some people do it & look wonderful and confident. I put one on, but then I change before I leave for work – feeling too exposed. What’s your opinion?

    • It’s a really good question, T. I’ve wondered the same thing. I haven’t worn one to work for the same reason, but I bet there are ways to wear the cold-shoulder look at work that wouldn’t feel too revealing. It must depend on the top, I guess. I’ll be on the lookout for a work-ready version, that’s for sure!

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