Outfit Post #84: Blue and White

I almost never wear blue, along with orange, green, and yellow. Not because I don’t like those colors, but because I’m much more drawn to neutrals, as well as pinks, purples, and reds. Very girly, I suppose. That said, I love finding a piece in one of my less-worn colors that I like because it’s nice to do something different. I wasn’t sure about this dress at first, but the colors, pockets, comfortability, femininity, and adorable bow detail on the back has quickly made it one of my favorites.

Dress – Ricki’s
Sandals – Franco Sarto from…I can’t remember!

2 thoughts on “Outfit Post #84: Blue and White

  1. Wonderful dress, and it looks spectacular on you, as always!

    I’ve noticed a number of dresses I’ve fallen in love with recently have exposed zippers, like this one. They can add a really nice contrasting element.

    • Thanks Beth! Yes, I agree. I think the exposed zipper looks cool. Although I did have one time where someone asked me if my top was on inside out! Lol!

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