4 thoughts on “Been A While

  1. May – looks like you’ve gone quiet again. I just want to thank you for being a voice for us bigger girls. I feel like you’ve made us heard! When I first started looking at your blog a couple of years ago stores that sold plus size clothes were using models that looked like slightly inflated size 2s – they were either size 8s or 10s with the clothes taken in for the shoot, and/or photoshop tricks were being used to hide all their imperfections. I just was on the Lane Bryant website looking at their “Sexy Lingerie” and the models look like me – big tummies, bumpy butts and all. And boy do they pull off sexy. Thank you for giving us all confidence and please start sharing with us more regularly again!

    • Hi Beth, thanks for your message! Yes, as you’ve noticed, I’ve fallen out of the habit of posting on this blog. I’m still buying and loving new clothes though 🙂 Let’s hope I feel inspired to do some more posts soon. Thanks for checking in with my site 🙂

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