Body Positivity Yoga

I recently discovered the Body Positivity Yoga studio located in Maple Ridge, BC. It’s owned and operated by Lisa, who goes by the moniker The Fat Yogini! With a name like that, I HAD to go to her class, and I absolutely loved it. There are other teachers as well, and a number of great classes and workshops offered. Although I was attracted to the fat-positivity, the classes are for people of all shapes and sizes.

I can’t tell you how much I love my time there. Being in a fat-positive, body-positive space for yoga is so liberating and affirming that I truly feel like I am doing something great for both my body and soul. Physical health AND mental health.  I’m all about that.

Check it out:





Lisa, The Fat Yogini!

Lisa, The Fat Yogini!



4 thoughts on “Body Positivity Yoga

  1. So, May … after writing my own blog post about how much I loathe yoga, I’ve actually been considering trying it … again (OK, maybe “loathe” is a bit strong, given that I do keep trying it). Do you go out to Maple Ridge regularly?? Any tagging-along possibilities for curious cousins? 🙂

    • Hi Freddie!
      Sorry, I somehow missed your comment earlier. I’ve been trying to get out to a class every Sunday. You are always welcome to join me!

  2. Hi May,

    Been awesome to see you at the studio for Go With The Flow on Sundays! <3 Thanks for sharing your thoughts on your experience here. Really appreciate the shout-out! Muah!!! ~Lisa

    • My pleasure Lisa! I’m bringing a new recruit this week! Also, thanks for checking out my blog 🙂

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