Outfit Post #47: Work It

I recently bought a new sports bra from Victoria’s Secret that I love and wanted to post on the blog. Problem is, my workout outfit is nothing to blog about. I work out on equipment I have at home, so I typically just roll out of bed, put my hair up, throw on some clothes, and go. I don’t post outfits that I don’t actually wear, so the compromise I came to is that I’ll post a fictional outfit that I want you to think I wear when I work out (full make-up and all!) and then I’ll also post what I actually wear. Which is which will be obvious, I’m sure.

As a side note, this post reminds me of the time when I would never show my midriff in public, let alone post it online. Happily, those days are long gone…

Sport bra - Victoria's Secret Capri's - Nola via Addition Elle Shoes - Under Armour via Champs

Sport bra – Victoria’s Secret
Capris – Nola via Addition Elle
Shoes – Under Armour via Champs


4 thoughts on “Outfit Post #47: Work It

  1. Like the vibrant pink top & shoe laces.
    First time I’ve seen a zipper front bra opening ….very COOL.

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