Outfit Post #80: Red Bikini

This is an exciting post because I think the word “fatkini” has had it’s day, and now all the fat girls are just wearing regular old bikinis like everyone else 🙂 All hail fat women in bikinis! Here’s my recent acquisition that I wore on holiday.

Bikini – Swimsuits for All
Cover up – Cactus via Addition Elle
Sunnies – Michael Kors

9 thoughts on “Outfit Post #80: Red Bikini

  1. Out with the fatkini, in with the totally cute bikini. Love the racer back. Jealous that you get to go someplace in March where you can wear a bikini. Also jealous of your bust – it’s hard for me to find swimsuits that fit my B-cups. Dress size swim suits always have cups that are too large, and it’s rare to find a bra size swimsuit in a 44B. The top fits you great.

    • I just tried to find your suit on Swimsuits for All and couldn’t find it. I did find some suits that looked cute, but the plus size tops are all at least D/DD cups (and some were F/G/H). Not every fat girl has huge boobs!!

      • Hi Beth, I checked the website too and couldn’t find it. They must have discontinued it 🙁 That sucks that you’re having trouble finding tops. I’ve heard that can be a really annoying problem for fat women with smaller busts. Hopefully retailers will start offering more cup size options!

        • You’ve inspired me to try a bikini this summer. Three years ago I topped out at a size 26 and didn’t wear a swimsuit all summer. By last summer I was down to a size 20 and found a very boring 1 piece with a shelf bra (since I don’t need so much support) that I wore to the beach with my kids a few times. I’m hovering between a size 16 and 18 right now and figured since trailblazers like you made bikinis OK for girls our size I’d try one this summer. It seems like the plus size bikini tops at Swimsuits for All are all made for D cups. I’ve looked at Lane Bryant (they had a swim sale this week) but they had almost nothing in a B-cup bikini top. I’m not ready yet for the string bikini with 2 little tortilla chip size pieces of fabric to cover me up. Any suggestions?

          • Hi Beth, that’s awesome that you’re going to try a bikini this summer!! I’m so excited for you! It’s fun, trust me. If you’re like me, you’ll never go back to a one piece. Too much wet fabric!

            About your top problem – I wish I had some better suggestions. As you probably already know, swimsuits for all has the option of buying a different top size compared to the bottom, but it sounds like it’s the cup size that’s the issue for you. It seems like a no-underwire situation will be your best bet. Something without too much “cupping” or contouring, if that makes sense, so you can fit the top to your bust. I think if I were you, I’d go into brick-and-mortar swimsuit stores and start trying on tops. Then you can mix and match with a plus size bottom. I get that the chest band measurement needs to be size 16/18, but you might be able to get that in a straight size store. They will often have XL’s or XXL’s, which usually translate to size 16 or even 18.

            Hope that’s helpful. Good luck shopping!!

  2. Random question: when is a 2 piece no longer a bikini? Was looking online and some retailers have embraced the trend of plus size “bikinis”, but nearly every combination was a long line top with a high waisted bottom, so on the models there was about an inch of exposed skin left in the middle. Seemed to me like they were saying “we’ll give the fat girls their bikinis as long as nobody has to see their bellies”.

    • Hey Beth, that’s a good question! There are definitely bikinis out there that are pretty conservative in terms of belly showing. But, I guess it’s nice to have a wide range of options. In the beginning of plus size bikinis, pretty much all of them had high waisted bottoms. It’s really nice to see that now there are all kinds of options, including low rise bottoms and even itty bitty string bikinis for the more daring of us 🙂 My personal preference right now is a mid-rise situation, but I like to try new things, so maybe I’ll try low rise one day.

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