Outfit Post #77: Ripped

This is my first pair of ripped jeans. The trend never got me in the 80’s or 90’s, but I’m getting ripped now. My dad loves to ask “Can’t you afford a pair of jeans without holes in them??” I love him.

Top – Ricki’s
Jeans – Love & Legend via Addition Elle
Shoes – Ugg

Usually I think Ugg shoes are pretty ugg, but these are my favorite wedges EVER.


7 thoughts on “Outfit Post #77: Ripped

  1. Looks airy and fun for summer.
    Like the colourful top with ‘V’ feature front and back.

  2. You’re looking good; fun pair of jeans! The tears are nicely located, I’m not wild about the whole shredded front style. I can understand that your dad would be confused about the fashion statement, our age showing:-) My thoughts are with you at this time.
    with love Judee

  3. The jeans are fun – I’m still not a huge ripped jeans fan, but those are OK. That top is great, though! The print and cut are very flattering on you! It’s not a brand I’ve seen before – where did you get it?

    • I got it from a Ricki’s clothing store. If you live in Canada, there is usually a few in each big city. There’s also an online store that I order from a lot Rickis.com. Sizing only goes up to 18 though, which is a downer for bigger gals.

      • Bummer on Ricki’s – I neither live in Canada or wear below a size 18. Spent my whole adult life as a 12 or 14 but then made a lifestyle choice a few years ago that made me go up to a size 24! Coming back down the size ladder – Lane Bryant 18/20 tops fitting perfectly this summer and hopefully will be able to buy a cute tank at Rickis.com by next summer!

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